image of single figure standing in front of crowd, representing he is in front with seoSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everyone who runs a business that uses the Internet will have heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), whether is it due to the amount of spam emails that SEO companies send out or the phone calls they get. Either way someone will tell you that you are not achieving your rankings for the best keywords. How nice of them to tell you and to know exactly what keywords your business needs.

This is the biggest problem with SEO companies and webmasters are well aware of this but the not technical business owners get so much data they believe it. As a group of SEO Webmasters we understand and help many business owners to achieve success online using search engine optimisation.

Working with large SEO companies like Chameleon Web Services we have learnt many things about SEO itself and how the Google changes can effect websites. We have contact with many website owners and offer FREE SEO advice in exchange for our learning. Seeing problems that SEO companies have created is good for us but bad for you!.

When we get stuck we ask Chameleon so this means you are getting top level SEO support for FREE.

SEO Webmaster

In order to become an SEO Webmaster you have to understand what is required to achieve success online and also to have tested the theory out and crashed and burned a few websites to know exactly what not to do and what Google wants.

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